Sound for peace

What is Sound for Peace ?

Yug Ajay

Yug Ajay was a professional sound healing master who has been sharing sound therapy from 2014. From his early age he was always fascinated by natures healing power and  the universal energy.The urge for deeper connection and knowledge about self led him to spend several years learning from great vedic masters who know the ancient wisdom of “Baidangya Bidya”. It shaped Ajays path and changed his life forever. His search of knowledge did not end there, he kept exploring many places for several years, had “Satsang” with Babas and Sadhus , learned different forms of yoga and then was gifted with the divine sound of the singing bowls. For the next years he went deeper into exploring vibrations, sounds and frequencies. He shared his knowledge to more than  1000 people around the world in his classes, workshops and his project #soundforpeace.

Sound for Peace,” originally envisioned by Guru Yug Ajay, aimed to unite diverse cultures worldwide under the common banner of peace through the harmonious resonance of sound bowls. Guru Ajay’s vision was a world where people of all races, creeds, and colors coexisted harmoniously, guided solely by love, while practicing the transformative art of sound bowl meditation.

In Guru Ajay’s absence, it falls upon us to carry forward the legacy of “Sound for Peace.” Let us inspire and encourage everyone to embrace their own sound bowls, striking a chord not just for the restoration of inner balance but for the greater harmony of our shared human existence. Together, we can continue to create a world where the healing power of sound unites us in the pursuit of lasting peace.