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Singing Bowl Origin, History and Uses

Singing bowls also known as Himalayan bowls,tibetan bowls, DhoniPatra(sound,vessel), and suzu gongs are used for meditation,healing purpose,sound yoga,religious purpose,sound yoga,sound meditation with chantings,music which have great medicinal and healing powers used from ancient time .

Singing bowls are said to be in practice from before 2500 years.And was especially practiced in the “Bon” tradition and in the far western region of Nepal, this practice was famous by the of “Baidhangya Bidhya” .The sides and rims of singing bowls vibrates to produce sound and vibration which is used for balancing the physical,mental emotional,and spiritual energy in our body.

  • Effects all cells in our body
  • Increases vital energy flow, creativity, intuition and motivation
  • Removes blockages and toxins and stimulates circulations
  • Purify and harmonise our emotions and feelings
  • Strengthens immune system and reduces stress
  • Helps to recover after illness, traumas and invasive medical treatments
  • Changes our old patterns of behaviours,habits and ways of thinking and connects with higher self

What is sound Healing ?

Healing with sound is believed to date back in ancient time,when different forms of music was used in an attempt to cure mental disorder.More recently research has linked sound therapy to a number of health benefits from boosting immune functions and lowering stress levels to improve the health of premature babies and nowadays in most of the well known hospitals around the world the singing bowls along with chanting are used for curing cancer patients too.

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are the energy vortices or/ energy centres originating in the ancient Vedic system of healing. Chakras are the connection between the spiritual aspect and the physical aspect within the physical dimension.There is an endocrine gland associated with the main 7 chakras.In the ancient Vedic system of healing when a physical and emotional dysfunction is in place, one or more chakras are considered to be blocked , dysfunctional and unbalanced.

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