Nepal Singing Bowls and Healing Center, nestled in the heart of Kathmandu and government-approved, is a sanctuary for sound and meditation. In 2012, when the world was still awakening to the possibilities of sound healing, yoga, and meditation, Guruji Yug Ajay initiated this transformative journey by the serene shores of Pokhara’s lake.

As time flowed, Nepal Singing Bowls transcended borders, disseminating the profound teachings of sound healing to students worldwide. Hundreds have completed their Sound Healing Therapy Course, with many now passionately sharing the art from their own studios.

The center offers a range of offerings, including Group Sound Baths, Sound Meditation, 7 Chakra Healing, and Sound Healing Training based on ancient Vedic traditions and scientific principles of vibrations, sounds, frequency, and geometry. Additionally, they have been offering transformative Sound Treks and Retreats amidst the Himalayas for years.



The crowning achievement, the “Sound For Peace” project, touched lives across continents, thanks to dedicated students sharing it in studios in Europe, the USA, and Asia.

Yet, amidst this journey, a stark reminder of life’s uncertainty struck. Last year, the center lost its beloved Yug Ajay, who, at just 34, suffered a sudden heart attack. His legacy of positivity, healing, and knowledge-sharing lives on through Nepal Singing Bowls, reminding us of life’s unpredictable nature.

Nepal Singing Bowls remains a testament to Yug Ajay’s vision, continuing to heal and inspire, offering solace and transformation through the power of sound and ancient wisdom.